Electric Cordless Screwdriver

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Electric Cordless Screwdriver

21V/16.8V/12V Electric & Cordless Screwdriver with 3 Functions :  Electric Screwdriver/Electric Drill/Cordless Impact Drill

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  • Motor type: Brushed
  • Weight: 1KG
  • Dimensions: Wood 20MM/Steel Products 10MM
  • No-Load Speed: 1800rpm
  • Max. Torque: 12V 28N.m16V /36N.m/21V 45N.m
  • Rated Input Power: 130W
  • Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
  • Rated Voltage: 12V
  • Model Number: 12V-16.8V-21V
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Brand Name: ANEERPOWER
  • Max.Clamping Capacity: 3/8″ (0.8-10mm)
  • Speed: 2 Speed
  • 3 Functions: Electric Screwdriver/Electric Drill/Cordless Impact Drill
  • Battery Type: High Quality Lithium Battery
  • At Low Speed: 0-450 R/min
  • High Speed: 0-1500 R/min
  • Battery Capacity: 1500 Mah
  • NOTE: This is the 3 models,12v-16.8v-21v, please pay attention to choose
  • Charging Time: 1 – 2 Hours
  • Waterproof Function: Yes, but the battery is not waterproof.
  • Torque: 1-25 Torque

New Style 21V 16.8V 12V Electric Cordless Screwdriver 3 Functions Wireless Impact Drill Mini Lithium Battery Charging Hand Drill


Control the rotating power of your drill with the variable torque dial. Whether you’re drilling a hole or tightening a screw, you can use the right power setting for complete control and professional-looking results.


Provide two speed options:high speed and low speed,Realize powerful fastening and precise drilling.


The built-in LED turns on as soon as you start using your drill and shines a light on your work area. You can take your driver into dark cupboards, corners or attic spaces and still be able to get the job done.


There’s nothing worse than running out of power in the middle of a job, but with this drill’s light-up display, you’ll never be caught out again! See how much energy you have left and choose a 2-battery set so you’ll always have a spare to hand.


A light touch lets you check the hardness of a surface before drilling into it and a firm press gets the job done quickly. You have full control over the tool’s speed and power, and you can simply let go of the trigger for an emergency stop.


The battery of the drill is composed of 18650 lithium batteries, charging time is about 1-2 hours


New upgrade, three functions are available at any time, electric screwdriver mode, electric drill mode, impact mode. Screwdriver, drilling, drilling wood, drilling iron, drilling metal, drilling concrete,etc

AN-0153-0154-0155 Product Description:

1. Reversible. Automatic cartridge design.
2. Stepless.
3. 25+1 stall torque adjustment.
4. Waterproof, drop, leakage power.
5. ECP: battery protection device to prevent battery overload, overheating and deep discharge.
6. Integrated LED light for illuminating the work area can also be night work.
7. Double speed electric drill, electric screwdriver.Impact drill.
8. The fast slow adjustment.
9.NOTE: all of the gifts will be sent by randomly.there will be some different.Due to the long transportation time, the gift may be rusty, but it can still be used normally. We don’t pay for rust alone.please know it.
10. NOTE: the battery inside is marked 3.7V*3=11.1V;
when the battery is full is about 4.2V*3=12.6V
21v :the battery inside is marked 3.7V *4=14.8V;
when the battery is full is about 4.2V*4=16.8V.
21v :the battery inside is marked 3.7V *5=18.5V;
when the battery is full is about 4.2V*5=21V
11.NOTICE for choosing fedex shipment
our price is not included the remoted shiping cost(it is about 30USD),If your address is not a remoted for fedex. we can provide the free shipping.
if your address is remoted, you should pay for the remoted fee.
12.Please note: this product sends the EU plug by default. If you need any other plug, please let us know! Thank you very much (US/UK/AU /)
13:Please note: if the 2-speed switch stays in the middle position, and the button must be at the end. or it will be in neutral position, which will not start the machine. It’s the same principle that a car can’t start without being put into gear.

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