Smart Fingerprint Lock with Remote Control

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TUYA WIFI outdoor waterproof smart lock fingerprint biometric digital lock with remote control electronic lock smart door lock

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  • Power Supply: Dry Battery
  • Protection Level: IP68
  • Suitable for Mortise: Other
  • Fit Door Thickness: 1-5cm
  • Suitable Door Type: Steel Door, Wooden Door, Brass Door, Stainless Steel Door, Others.
  • Finish Type: Polished
  • Doorknob Function: Biometric, Key & Keypad
  • Connectivity: WIFI
  • Ways To Unlock: APP, Remote Control, Mechanical Keys, Finger Vein Recognition, Card, WIFI, Other, Password, FINGERPRINT
  • Material: aluminium alloy
  • Handle Direction: Direction Reversible
  • Model Number: M6
  • Brand Name: AISUO
  • Smart home platform: Other,Tuya

Eight language systems, switch at will.

If you encounter problems, please contact customer service for video tutorials.

Product parameters

1. Brand: Aisuo
2. Model: M6
3. Color: Black
4. Fingerprint capacity: 100
5. Password capacity: 100
6. Magnetic card capacity: 100
7. Remote control capacity: 20
8. Number of administrators: 9 groups
9. Working power supply: 4.5v-6.5v (4 AA alkaline dry batteries)
10. External power supply: 12V, 3A
11. Working current: <250mA
12. Low voltage alarm voltage: 4.5±0.2V
13. Working temperature: -10°-60°
14. Working humidity: 20%-93%
15. Remote control distance: ≤40m (no obstacles)
16. Remote control frequency: 433MHZ
17. Magnetic card frequency: 13.56MHZ
18. Front and rear panel material: zinc alloy
19. Door opening direction: compatible with left and right
20. Smart program: Tuya (WIFI)
21. Manual: English
22. System voice/language: English/Arabic/Portuguese/Spanish/Korean/Hebrew/French/Russian;
23. Thickness of installed door panel: 1cm-5cm

Best Selling Outdoor Waterproof Door Lock

Nine technologies, bringing you the ultimate experience

About fingerprints

Using semiconductor fingerprint recognition, high precision and high response speed, one touch to open, reducing your opening time

About password

Touch screen password, abandon the traditional button password;
Virtual password: You can enter any number before and after, and you only need to enter the correct number in the middle to complete the unlocking

More ways to unlock

Suitable for door opening requirements in various scenarios

About TUYA Smart Program

Works via WIFI, no gateway required;
Remote unlocking needs to be triggered (9+#);
Dynamic password, one-click generation in the application;
Temporary password, free to adjust the effective use time range, no time limit;
Information records, you can freely query the use records of door locks;
Information reminder, automatically notify the mobile phone when the door lock is in use;
Universal in all regions of the world, even if you lock the door at home, in other cities/countries, you can still use these functions if the door lock is connected to WIFI;
The WIFI smart program function needs to select the option with TUYA when purchasing;

Anti-device interference

Shield strong magnetic field interference, strictly prevent electromagnetic attacks, and prevent illegal elements from using small black boxes to unlock illegally;

More details

1. Capacitive touch screen: sensitive touch screen, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, abandoning traditional buttons
2. Automatic induction: After closing the door, the door lock automatically senses and locks, which is smart and convenient
3. Indoor knob: rotate the knob to unlock
4. Powerful motor: the motor has strong power, the unlocking time is fast, smooth and not stuck

About double-sided devices

Single-sided equipment: suitable for single-sided doors, such as apartment doors, closed doors, and single-sided doors. When entering from the outside, it needs to be unlocked to enter. When going out from home, it only needs to turn the knob to unlock;
Double-sided device: It is suitable for all kinds of fence doors. When entering from the outside, it needs to be unlocked to enter, and when going out from home, it also needs to be unlocked with fingerprint/magnetic card/password before going out;
Can refer to the product demonstration video

About power supply

1. Four AA alkaline dry batteries can be used, the batteries are not included in the item list
2. If you need an external power supply, you need to use 12v, 3A power supply

Actual Photoshoot

About List Of Items

Front panel*1
Rear lock body*1 (optional)
Secondary lock body*1
Magnetic card*2 (random style)
Mechanical key*3
Accessory bag*1
Lock cylinder*1
Remote control*1 (optional)
Waterproof rubber pad*2
White management card (rear panel)*1
Fingerprint reader waterproof cover*1 (front panel)
If you need multiple magnetic cards, please note the number of magnetic cards in the order, free gift (no more than 10)

About FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: Is the M6 waterproof and sunscreen?

A: Yes, each version of this model is waterproof and sun-proof, and the surface of the door lock is made of tempered glass, which can work in high temperature/direct sunlight/rainstorm and other environments;

Q2: Can M6 use voice assistant?

A: Unfortunately, WIFI door locks usually cannot use voice assistants;

Q3: Why are there so many options for M6? Which one should I choose?

A: Each option of M6 corresponds to a different function. You can choose according to the installation environment and functional requirements. For example, M6 is the basic version without additional WIFI TUYA and remote control functions. The M6-3 has both remote control and WIFI TUYA function, and it is a single-sided device, so it is usually installed on a single-sided door;

Q4: Can I use the smart program function in other cities/countries?

A: Yes, you can use all the functions of the smart program even if you are in other regions by keeping the door lock connected to WIFI and the mobile phone keeping the data unblocked;

Q5: Can I use it with other devices? Such as intercom, door open button?

A: Not necessarily, we can’t guarantee it can be used, but we will provide an extra cable head in the express for your convenience;

Q6: What is the working distance of the remote control?

A: The usage distance in the actual test is about 40m. Of course, it is in the absence of obstacles. If there are obstacles, the usage distance will be weakened, but it will not obviously affect your usage;

Q7: How about the product packaging?

A: Our packaging measures are very perfect. The total logistics packaging is sponge + product box + carton + waterproof tape wrapped all over. This is to avoid factors such as violent logistics, rain, ice and snow in international transportation, please rest assured;

Q8: Can I use rechargeable batteries?

A:No, this lock can only use ordinary alkaline dry batteries, because the voltage of rechargeable batteries will decrease with the decrease of power, which cannot support the normal operation of the door lock

Q9: Does the waterproof mainly depend on the waterproof cover?

A: No, the waterproof cover is only to prevent the fingerprint recognition area from being splashed with water, because it will affect the recognition rate of fingerprints; waterproof mainly relies on hardware and waterproof main board, and the main board of this lock has been covered with waterproof glue;


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