Smart Fingerprint Door Lock

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PHIPULO Smart Fingerprint Door Lock Bluetooth Biometric Electronic Door Lock for Tuya Remote Keyless Unlocking

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  • Power Supply: Dry Battery
  • Protection Level: IP66
  • Suitable for Mortise: 5050
  • Fit Door Thickness: 35-75mm(1.18-3.93 inch)
  • Suitable Door Type: Wooden Door, Other
  • Included Components: LIST
  • Doorknob Function: Key & Keypad, Biometric
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Ways To Unlock: Password, Remote Control, Fingerprint, Card, Bluetooth, Mechanical Keys, APP
  • Material: Zinc alloy
  • Handle Direction: Direction Reversible
  • Smart home platform: Tuya

1. Support for Tuya function, it can be connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth, which can realize remote unlocking.

2. You can view the unlocking record through the APP, and understand the use of the door lock in time.

3. Support fingerprints, IC cards, passwords, mechanical keys, mobile APP to unlock, a variety of opening modes are available.

4. The addition and deletion of fingerprints and passwords are managed based on the unlock number. Intelligent voice navigation, human‑computer interaction, humanized operation.

5. When you forget to replace the battery and cannot open the door, the USB emergency power supply can help you. (Note: the charging treasure can only temporarily supply power, and the battery needs to be replaced after unlocking to use it normally)

6. Virtual password designed, you can add multiple wrong passwords before/after entering the correct password, and then press # to confirm the lock. (The anti‑peep function supports enter up to 16 digits.)

7. Temporary password can be generated through APP for friends to enter your room temporarily

8. The door lock module is waterproof, moisture‑proof and mildew‑proof.

9. Normally open mode. After opening the normally open mode, it is not necessary to enter the password, and you can directly press the door handle to open the door. Frequent opening is more convenient

10.Mute Guard: Adjust the size or mute of the sound to protect the family’s sleep


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